Estereoscopio (Nuevo modelo)

Stereoscope (New Model)

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When designing our Antiquus stereoscope , we wanted to combine into a single object the beauty, the practicality and the originality. It is a beautifully box made in wood, decorated with art- deco motives and very easy to use, just introduce the pair of images in the slot that leads to such use and slightly swinging the lid of the case which carries magnifiers for vision , to get the proper focus for each view .
In addition, the images to view are not normal in this type of equipment. Instead we have created something unique so far and based on 10 Masterpieces of painting of all time , we offer the vision in each picture as the authors saw or imagined in their compositions , both portraits and landscapes, of their own works. And all this using a tremendously complex technique to obtain a final score tremendously shocking .Imagine to see , eg " Las Meninas " with all the depth that the genius of aerial perspective , Diego Velazquez, saw?
You will see the following pictures
Velazquez : The aforementioned and " The Surrender of Breda "
Rembrandt's :" The Anatomy Lesson "
Rubens  : " Samson and Delilah "
Hans Holbein :" The Ambassadors "
Sandro Botticelli :"Birth of Venus"
John Constable  : "The Sallisbury Cathedral "
Edgar Degas : "Ballet room in the rue Pelletier ballet "
Vincent Van Gogh : " Starry Night "
Henry Rousseau :  "The Dream"
With the stereoscope you will find a comprehensive manual with reviews of each of these works , also the history of the stereoscope and practical advice to help you learn to make their own stereoscopic photos and to view them with our in instrument
At 10 masterpieces of painting and one  enigma, we have added 12 stereoscopic photographs, some of which produce true vertigo in the viewer. Are for example the famous scene of the workers taking their lunch sitting quietly on the beam of a skyscraper under construction.
Others come from the cinema, and we have carried to  the stereoscopic vision, using the same technique we use to make our masterpieces of painting. They are for example one in which you can see Harold Lloyd clutching to  the hands of a clock at the top of a great building, to avoid falling into the void or the famous scene of the air attack to King Kong climbed atop the Empire State .
Others are scenes of daily life of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We have a family of loggers from Canada, the Bedouin of the desert, the streets of Calcutta, inside a Buddhist temple etc).
Fabulous stereographs with which you will enjoy in your  free time, as did our grandparents and great grandparents back in the 20s.
13x14,5x5 cm

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