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Cylindrical Sundial

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Long before the existence of mechanical clocks, sundials  enjoyed of great popularity. The science responsible for the study of these dials (Gnomonic) had gained wide experience by studying for centuries the apparent movement of the sun over a whole year around the earth. One of these early achievements was constituted this  sundial called "shepherd", being more precisely they who used it during their long hours of grazing and transhumance. These ones  were portable, easy to use, since only was to put the rod or gnomon on the date of measurement (all wore a calendar) and place the dial directly from the sun, the length of the shadow in this case, which it provided sun hour and thus better understand the time to go looking for a shelter for his flock. The model that we reproduce is a replica of which is preserved in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and dated in 1548.

This sundial  is a replica based on the original dated from 1548, which is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The illustration is a recreation of engraving called "The frontispiece", by Frederik Hendrik van der Hove dated in 1650 representing the muse of the astronomy Urania , surrounded by the main most famous astronomers: Tycho Brahe, Nicolas Copernicus, Claudio Ptolemy, Galileo Galilei and the King of Castile Alfonso X the Wise.
It is a type of altitude sundial , because reading sun hour occurs taking into account the height of the sun,that is to say, the angle that the sun makes with the horizon.
The height of the sun varies not only during the day, but every day at the same time, so this type of sundial need a calendar that allows us to place the gnomon at the day of measurement, for to get the correct local time.

It is accompanied by a small booklet with the history of the sundial  and instructions

This sundial is manufactured to high latitude of 41, so in general can be used with a small margin of error between the 38 and 43. However we can manufacture specifically for a given latitude at an additional cost ten €. To do this please contact us at the following


High: 25 cm

Diameter: 5,5 cm

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