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Arsenius Astrolabe 10

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History as a science which studies the past of mankind, testifies that from the earliest written documents, the human being has had curiosity and interest in understanding and deciphering the mysteries of the universe. Try as fully integrated person living in a society where technology has flooded our lives, to go to some lonely place, away from light pollution on a clear night and look at the sky and probably you are going to ask the same questions our ancestors more than 15,000 years ago made themselves: What's all this I'm seeing? , How does it work ?, Who has done ?. Well the instrument or device closest to the response of at least the first two questions, that humans may have created , is the astrolabe.

What is an astrolabe?

Simply put, an astrolabe is an astronomical instrument used to solve problems related to time and the position of the sun and stars Beautiful and captivating object that carries over 2000 years provoking curiosity to unravel all its mysteries, which are the mysteries of the universe. With it we can get answers to numerous astronomical problems that it would take hours and hours to respond by complex mathematical calculations. It is so to speak, the first "computer" that humans invented and is considered the "mathematical jewel of history". Its name comes from the Greek "aster" (astro-Star) and "lambanein" whose meaning is broader: to measure,to search, to take,to look for ,,, so astrolabe is the seeker of stars, is who knows the stars. It can therefore be used as a finder or locator stars in the sky or as a solver of questions such as What time is it? At what time the sun rose? Or a what time the sunset? What latitude we are? And so on over 50 different questions, just studying the position of the stars. But the astrolabe is not a mere instrument of the past, something historic, just a curiosity. The astrolabe has been and is being now used in many schools to introduce young students to the world of astronomy. With it they learn basic and fundamental concepts in a fun way. Our astrolabe is ready to be used at various latitudes from about 38º to 52º north latitude.



With the Astrolabe 10 model we give away the two laminated cardboard plates for the latitudes of 45º and 50º


The  astrolabe 20  model You can choose it with a single recorded (the mother) that can be used with a margin of error very small, between 38º and 42º (north latitude)

With two (one is always the mother) functional between 38º and 47º

With three (mother and two) functional between 38º and 52º

Is made of old brass plated metal. The base is made of wood and the wooden frame is also made on wood . The astrolabe is presented in a beautiful and perfect box to be a perfect gift. It is accompanied by a small book with the necessary explanations to learn to manage ..

Two sizes:

Astrolabe Arsenius 10

Instrument measures:

High (including throne) 13 5 cm

Diameter: 10.0 cm

Thickness of the piece: 0, 8 cm

weight: 0,600 kg.

Astrolabe Arsernius 20

Instrument measures

High(Including trone) 27 cm

Diameter: 20 cm

Thickness:1,2 cm

Weight: 2,800 kgs.

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Christina Paraskevopoulou
04 de Agosto del 2016
Beautifully made astrolabe, complete with a base and directions. Amazing service with fast shipping and overall great experience!

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