Phone use

Phone use

Have I to add a mobile telephone number to create an account? What does happen if I do not add it?

To add a mobile telephone number is optional. You can create an account though you decide not to add a mobile telephone number.

Why should it add my mobile telephone number?

To add your mobile telephone number in your account will allow us  to send you notifications for SMS. You can subscribe  in order to get updates for SMS on the condition of the sending of your  orders.

In case of having any type of problem with the realized order, our commercial ones they will be able to put in touch with you to solve more agilely the incident.

Of the same way the agency of transport will be able to put in touch with you  to agree the date and the hour of delivery, this way like to communicate to you any incident in the sending

How will you use my mobile telephone number?

Visit our Notice of Privacy to obtain more information about how we use your information.

Have I to pay for the service of notifications for SMS?

The service of notifications for SMS is free, unless the opposite is indicated. Nevertheless, it is possible that your  service provider of network applies his rates SMS.'s standard, put in touch with them for more information.

Can I use a mobile international telephone number to receive SMS?

Nowadays are not admitted international numbers of mobile telephone.