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The myriorama was a popular amusement during the nineteenth century. The first references are found in 1830 in the city of Leipzig (Germany), subsequently spreading throughout Europe during the nineteenth century. It is illustrated with a collection of fragments of a scene, typically a landscape cards. Each card is drawn so that the image lines on the sides coincide with those of any other card, a..


Magnifying Keychain

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Has it ever happened to you that you can't see the fine print on a leaflet or the properties of any food in the supermarket? Problem solved with this little magnifying glass. Made of brass, it has enough magnifications for this purpose. It is also presented in a nice case so you can make an original gift. Measures:   Long: 6 cm Diameter: 2,8 cm

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Whale tail

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The blue whale is the largest known animal that has ever populated the Earth. These majestic marine mammals dominate the oceans with their 30 meters in length and weighing up to 180 tons. Only his tongue can weigh as much as an elephant, and the heart, like a car. Blue whales reach these exorbitant dimensions with a diet composed almost exclusively of an animal resembling a tiny shrimp, krill. At ..


Magnifyient Scott London

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  The first known works date back to the 10th century. His author was the Muslim physicist Alhazen, who made numerous works with lenses and mirrors, later becoming the father of optics. It is also known that in eleventh-century China some of its inhabitants already used lenses to correct defective vision. The English Robert Bacon is known to be the first Westerner to use lenses to improve vision...


Mini Zoetrope

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All our zoetropes are handmade by hand one by one using the materials used in the original manufacture. Small zoetropes are made of metal and  painted in black with different decorations. WE DON´T USE PLASTICS. They have 30 different animations, reproduction drawn at the time and is  just a perfect family entertainment but also the best way to learn the physical principle of persistence of visi..


Musical Praxinoscope Big model

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To all our praxinoscopes except lamps, we've added optional music. The music is loaded with the key that carries in the top up set of mirrors and is independent of the spin, ie it is not necessary for the praxinoscope turning to hear the music and vice versa, the machine can turn without you hear the music.   We have four different melodies: -As Times goes by (from the movie "Casablanca") -Over T..