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Frisius Astronomicus ring

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This precious ring is made of brass and acid etched. It is an equatorial type sundial and is made up of a circle that represents the Earth's equator and a central bar that is the representation of the Earth's axis. Conveniently tilted to counter the inclination of the earth, the shadow of the bar marks the hours on the inside of the circle. This is a reproduction of one of the equatorial clocks th..


Polyedrical Sundial

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Polyhedral sundials represent the culmination of the knowledge of the gnomonique science and demonstrate the ability and scholarship of the gnomoniste. Having it different faces, these are not lit at the same time, so that, as the sun is doing its route, illuminates one or the other depending on the time and so can be seen or consulted from different angles. This multifaceted watch is a faithful r..


Equatorial Sundial

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Sundials called equatorial type are those who best represent the situation of the earth in the universe. They are composed of a semicircle symbolizing the equator and a central rod (acting as the gnomon of the sundial) and represents the axis of the Earth, suitably inclined, so that, according to the latitude of the place, resulting parallel to real axis of the Earth. The clock must place it in th..


Steward Sundial

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James Henry Steward (1817-1896) was an expert in optometry. He settled in London in 1852, founding the company that bears his name and became famous worldwide for his highly precise instruments. The company produced a wide range of items for military and civil use, announcing in their catalogs as "manufacturers of specialized instruments in the reconnaissance of the land, the night marches, the dr..